A control panel / user interface for Intel’s Linux graphics drivers is still under evaluation


Late last year, we reported the possibility of an Intel Command Center control panel / graphics driver for Linux, but not frozen. The latest report on the issue of an Intel Linux GUI solution is that it is still being evaluated by the company.

During a recent survey on the state of the use of the IGC compiler by their Mesa drivers, I also asked if there was anything new to report on the outlook for a graphics driver control panel. Intel Linux similar to the Intel Command Center on Windows.

Interest in such a control panel is not new but something desired for many years by Linux users, gamers and those in general who simply prefer GUIs to terminal runtime. After all, much of the same functionality found in Intel Command Center is available on Linux, but only exposed through sysfs files, configuration module parameters, and other command line driven interfaces to manage their Linux graphics stack. This also remains one of the most frequent complaints / requests for the AMD Radeon graphics stack on Linux, with only the NVIDIA proprietary driver having a fairly feature rich control area (nvidia settings). There are independent open source operations like ADRIConf and some options built into different desktop environments, but they tend not to be as comprehensive as those available for GPU drivers on Windows.

In any case, if this is a current request, it is not a current priority. I’m told they are still evaluating a Linux UI and getting feedback / thoughts on it. So, what would you like to see in a modern Intel Linux graphics driver control panel?


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