Our Mission

Our mission is to help customers get access to funds to settle their debts. Pushbuttonfor.org aims that helping people to get out of debt easily. When you are stuck in a payday loan cycle, we can help you to get out with a payday debt consolidation.

We can help you to get a fresh start after clearing your debt. Getting out of debt should not be difficult, it is because you do not have the right information that makes it difficult.

Our seasoned experts will get you all the right information, they will tell you all you need to know about the options available. The good thing is that our experts do not provide you with general information.

We align all the solutions to your needs and you will get the opportunity to choose between several good options.

Filing for bankruptcy does not mean you should lose your home. You can still file for bankruptcy and still keep your home.

We will help you file for bankruptcy without losing your precious home. We are devoted to helping you settle your debts without losing too much in the process.


Services We Offer

Apart from helping you to consolidate your payday debt or any kind of debt in general, we can also help you to settle your credit card debts. Credit card debts pile up easily and if you do not act fast you will accumulate a lot of debt that you cannot even handle.

We also offer you all options on bankruptcy and debt settlement. Whatever you choose we can make it easy for you to be free from debts.



Contact Us

Do you have questions, doubts, or concerns? We are always available to answer your queries. You can give us a call on (888) 632- 2199. You can also click on any of our social media handles. You can also click on the mail button to send us a mail. Whatever you want to say just push the button.