Android 11’s power control menu is now on Samsung phones, but not where you think

Source: Alex Dobie / Android Central

As Samsung and Google start playing well again, we notice that more and more services from Google are integrated with those from Samsung. The companies recently announced a closer partnership involving the integration of Google Nest products with Samsung SmartThings, and even the Google Discover feed being a default option for devices running One UI 3.1. It looks like there is even more to the story, as it was discovered that Samsung is now adopting Android 11’s power controls in addition to its own.

Samsung Android 11 smart home controlsSource: 9to5Google

Unlike Google Pixel phones, which access these controls by pressing the power button, Samsung has moved these controls elsewhere. As seen on the Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung has implemented the home controls in the quick settings menu, under the Devices button, the same place that houses the SmartThings controls. There is now a section to switch between the two services, depending on what you prefer.

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Once inside, you’ll come across the same smart home control menu you would find on a Pixel. According to 9to5GoogleSamsung appears to have disabled the ability to turn on and off one-click controls, meaning you have to tap again to bring up a particular device menu, which may seem like an unnecessary extra step.

For now, it looks like the functionality is limited to devices running One UI 3.1, which at the moment only includes the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy S21 smartphones, but you can expect the best Samsung phones to see soon. the update. .

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Samsung galaxy s21

Samsung is stepping it up even further.

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