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However, he found that his accounting software was not able to natively consolidate the financial statements of various markets with local currencies and was not able to provide accurate visibility into the inventory status.

It also might not be easily integrated with logistics partners or provide accurate forecasts.

Adding to the pressure was the fact that deliciously ella was quickly approaching the size at which it would be necessary to undergo external audits.

“We had to strive to be more international and be able to consolidate a larger corporate structure than we could do,” says Sally Tuhami, CFO, delightfully ella.

“Being ready for the audit means having clear and documented controls and being able to demonstrate who did what. “

The brand decided to opt for Oracle NetSuite by selecting it before Microsoft Dynamics and SAP.

“Although we are still only at the beginning of our NetSuite journey, the benefits are already clear,” says Tuhami.

“It’s all in front of us and we no longer need ‘the magic of Excel’ to pull together the details we need across the business.”

“Reporting is no longer a clunky, person-dependent process. Above all, being able to see our stock activity by customer, we have never had this capability before, is really fantastic because it allows us to plan and react accordingly.

The finance team continues to refine its use of NetSuite and plans to use the system to manage bank reconciliations.

Tuhami concludes: “She will grow with the business brilliantly. The more we grow, the more we rely on the capabilities of NetSuite.

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