Disha app now has push button message option

A new option has been launched in the nationally renowned DISHA mobile app (app). According to information provided by the Andhra Pradesh State Police Department, a “push button message option” has been added as a feature in the DISHA application for women’s safety.

The new feature allows users to send messages to alert the police in an emergency. Disha App has received a tremendous response from women across the state and has won four national awards in the past 13 months. The state government has taken several steps to strengthen the Disha application and related programs for women’s safety. Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan gave the green signal for the establishment of Disha patrol vehicles and cyber kiosks.

The Disha app developed by the Andhra Pradesh Police Technical Services Division, sends an alert to Disha’s control room when a woman or girl in distress simply shakes the cell phone, which contains the Disha app. . The app also provides another way to call for help – they can also press a button on the phone, but in an emergency, if this is not possible, the victim can send an alert to the police. by simply shaking the phone five times. Disha’s control room staff will in turn alert the police available near the spot. The police will rush to the scene using vehicles equipped with GPS and assist the person in difficulty or anticipating problems.

Over 12.57 lakh people have downloaded the Disha Mobile app in the state. All use the push button option if the person wants to send information and alert the police. Paul Raj, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Technical Services Wing, State Police, said that as instructed by DGP D Gautam Sawang, the Disha app has been made more useful, where an option push button was introduced.

The state government, in its efforts to address the issue of women’s safety, sets up an exclusive control room for distress calls from women. The GPS console will track the nearest emergency response vehicle and automatically send it to the scene. The vehicle’s cameras will shoot video that can be used as evidence during the trial. The app also has video and audio recording options, allowing substantial and conclusive evidence to be presented with audio / video clips.

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