Egor Death Loop | How to silence Egor’s device and reveal the control panel

Blackreef’s second scientist, Egor, might have a smaller lab, but is no less dangerous than any of the other visionaries, especially because of its Aether invisibility slab.

Just because of the time of day he’s first met, Egor will likely be one of the last visionaries you’ll face in Death loop, but his Lost in Transmission quest is one of the most interesting.

To start leading Egor, visit the complex during the evening. You will find it almost completely deserted, but very heavily trapped by mines and other explosives.

Carefully navigate the map to the upper right corner, where the Egor Camp quest marker is located.

As you approach, Egor will attack from his invisibility cloak, and if you haven’t dealt with Juliana this day, things can go really fast.

On his own, Egor just needs to take an aggressive action – which reveals it – and then retaliate or reduce the distance between you.

With Egor defeated, search his camp for a clue on how to manipulate him into a more manageable position.

On the ground floor of his lab you’ll find notes and a terminal telling you that some of Egor’s experimental machines found an intriguing read around noon, and if you can disrupt it, Egor will drop out and attend the feast of Egor. ‘Aleksis to Updaam.

Return to the Complex at noon during the next cycle and return to Egor’s laboratory.

At the nearby quest marker, you will discover that the machinery is affected by Egor’s Aether Slab and is invisible.

To spawn him, go through the top floor window of his lab – so as not to trigger the alarm lasers – then grab a field generator from the ground.

These are the dark-colored briefcases placed on the floor in front of the note that tells you about it.

Deploy the field generator next to the invisible machine, then enter the letter and number of the sensor that gets the reading: mine was E867.

Hit the big play button and consider the experiment to be sabotaged.

Do this at noon at Egor Square in Updaam during the evening where you can assassinate him from a rooftop terrace at Dorsey Mansion.

This brings together several visionaries and sets Colt to break the Blackreef cycle with a perfect loop!

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