Elgato’s Stream Deck+ is the twist-and-touch control panel that Apple’s Touch Bar dreamed of being

The Elgato Stream Deck+not to be confused with the steam bridge, is a standalone accessory designed to host custom hotkeys to augment the workflows of graphic designers, video and photo editors and, of course, streamers. It features eight programmable physical buttons – each with its own small screen – for personalized shortcuts, a configurable touchscreen, and four unlimited rotary dials with secondary push button functionality. It’s basically Apple’s Touch Bar on steroids.

The biggest strengths of the Stream Deck+ are in the customization and third-party integrations and plugins. Elgato has a page dedicated to owners and third parties pluginswith preset configurations for platforms such as YouTube, Twitch and OBS Studio, and you can also purchase profiles for programs such as DaVinci Resolve at sideshowfx. Along with pre-made plugins and profiles, the Stream Deck+ also lets you create your own layouts and even script operations, essentially automating multiple options with just one button press. Users can also configure an infinite number of pages to easily switch between workflows.

At $199.99, you’re paying $50 more than the price of the Stream Deck and Stream Deck MK.2, which is a substantial increase in price, but perhaps reasonable if it complements your workflow well. Note that the Stream Deck+ doesn’t appear to replace the regular Stream Deck or the Stream Deck MK.2, since the two older devices are still available for purchase, but it is a serious upgrade over his ancestors.