EMUI 11 vs EMUI 12: Control Panel and Quick Settings

Dark Mode is a feature we all love to use and it works on all major smartphones today, but looks a bit different. Therefore, a comparison between Huawei EMUI 12, HarmonyOS 2 vs Stock Google Android 12 vs Samsung One UI 4.1 vs Apple iOS 15, and Xiaomi MIUI 13 for the dark mode feature has been arranged to see the changes these software bring to the most common parts of the user interface.

Dark Mode:

Dark Mode is a feature now available in Android, HarmonyOS, and iOS software. The feature helps you apply a darker color palette to the bright interface to prevent eye strain in low light conditions. On the other hand, dark mode also saves battery.

What are we going to do?

Below we will examine each of the smartphone software in their dark mode for the given part of the user interface:

  1. Quick settings
  2. Settings menu
  3. Dialer

As we use them the most in our day-to-day smartphone operations.

Without further ado, let’s start our Huawei EMUI 12 vs HarmonyOS 2 vs Stock Google Android 12 vs Samsung One UI 4.1 vs Apple iOS 15 and Xiaomi MIUI 13 dark mode comparison.

EMUI 12:

Compared to the last generation, EMUI 12 has good dark mode effects throughout the UI, the use of dark gray and subtle black is amazing. Using a light colored icon background is really helpful and doesn’t shade the contrast much if you look at them. Unlike the control panel‘s hotkey switches, Huawei has tried to maintain adequate UI contrast, making it easier to adapt to long-hour use-case scenarios.

Harmony OS 2:

The user interface used in EMUI 12 is derived from HarmonyOS 2.0 and they are both identical. check the screenshot below.

Huawei Harmony OS 2.0

Stock Android 12:

Stock Android 12 has brought many changes to the user interface, quick settings tile system, and hardware you design. The UI is surely intriguing and easy to navigate, but by default the quick settings tiles on stock Android 12 maintain dark mode. When enabled, a dark gray color is applied to the Settings menu. Next, the software uses the dialer from the Google Phone app, which is also used by Xiaomi in MIUI 13. The overall look of Android 12’s dark mode is satisfactory. Yet everyone is free to try the Material you dynamic theme for a better user experience.

Google Android 12 dark mode

A 4.1 user interface:

Samsung has been one of the top performers when it comes to dark mode features, the phone maker introduced this feature on One UI, even before it was offered as default on Android project.

One UI 4.1 has further improved the accuracy and color balance between foreground and background colors in UI elements. You will find these changes throughout the user interface.

Like the Settings menu, you’ll find that the shape of the background used in menu items feels encompassing with the icon as well as the text label. Meanwhile, using a high tone on the dialer is perfect for knowing which button you are pressing to dial your calls.

The overall dark mode look of Samsung One UI 4.1 is comfortable on the eye and deserves praise.

Samsung ONE UI 4.1

iOS 15:

In iOS 15, Apple kept the sleek Control Center, which looks the same with Dark Mode turned on or off. Yet, the translucent background changes with the wallpapers once you apply the dark mode on the phone.

Then iOS 15 introduced the round shapes in the background of the Settings menu options, which is nice to look at in dark mode and looked sharp in the predecessor.

The color of the icons is also carefully worked as they remain the same in the light theme.

Despite its short search screen, I like the way Apple designed the round number pad on iOS, it’s still one of the best dialers that looks simple and elegant in dark mode.

AppleiOS 15

MIUI 13:

The dark mode feature on MIUI devices looks decent. Once you hit dark mode, the phone tries to maintain the color composition and it looks like it’s struggling to highlight the changes in the light theme.

MIUI 13’s dark mode appearance is not supported by its font system, which is kind of a bummer. As mentioned above, the software wants to use the Google phone app in the global market, which is a good choice for phone calls.

Overall look of MIUI 13 is ok but not good or above.

Xiaomi MIUI 13