Flexpress RMGT Switch Installation Plans

Professional printer Flexpress has canceled its order for an RMGT (Ryobi) 970 LED UV press due to manufacturing delays and will now take a 920 ST4 CD UV LED machine from RMGT instead.

The Leicester-based company will take delivery of the SRA1 920 ST4 CD this summer. It will be provided by M Partners, which took over the franchise for the RMGT 9 series from Apex Digital Graphics in 2018.

In a LinkedIn post yesterday (January 31), Flexpress Managing Director Steve Wenlock said, “The bad news: Due to manufacturing delays, which would have negatively impacted our plans for this year, we have first had to cancel our order for the UK. RMGT 970 LEDUV.

“The good news: instead, we ordered a version of the RMGT 920 ST4 CD LED UV that is packed with even more technology!

He added: “It’s a little disappointing, of course, but we don’t believe in wallowing in negativity. It’s not bad at all. There are many benefits to sticking to a press format we know and love, and we will always get the coveted 50% improvement in productivity.

“Best of all, we can get our hands on it earlier than our original date, which means we’ll be full steam ahead even faster.”

He said the level of automation meant the machine was “still a big step forward” and will “do everything our customers expect of us, and more, but faster”.

Mark Stribley, director of M Partners, said Print week“The new RMGT 970, which we consider a compact B1 machine, was suitable for paging some of their books compared to the 920 they have now.

“Unfortunately, we were unable to guarantee delivery until eight weeks later. [than originally planned] because we have a massive order in China for the 970 line, and while we had a production slot, there were subcontractor issues with parts for it.

“So we talked to Flexpress about it, and the problem is that it would have hit right in the middle of their [busiest] the time of manufacture. »

He added: “We had a 920, which is our flagship, coming earlier – in June. On top of that, since we wanted to work on something because it’s disappointing for us as well as them, we were able to add the latest online color control system for them as well.

“So indeed, [despite the change of format] they get much better specs, and since the delivery time suits them much better, this was the best option.

Stribley said M Partners was nevertheless “very pleased with the order”.

“It’s a great machine for them, especially with the inline color control system, the latest parallel makeready and simultaneous plate change. It is the market leader in this format.

“Their guys will immediately jump in, and it’s good to keep such an important RMGT client in the family.”

He added that Flexpress had also achieved “a considerable price saving” with the 920 ST4 CD compared to the 970.

Flexpress also installed an HP Indigo 100K about a month ago, replacing an Indigo 12000. The company also operates an RMGT 524 LED UV press and a Ricoh Pro C7200 digital machine. In September, the company improved its creasing and folding capability by installing a Morgana DigiFold Pro XL.

Its wide range of finishing kits also includes a Horizon BQ-500 four-pin perfect binder, which was installed last year to handle a surge in book printing orders.

Operating from premises of 743m², Flexpress employs 19 people and expects to achieve sales of around £3m in 2022.

For more information on Flexpress products and services, visit Print weekPortfolio+ Services Platform from: servicesportfolioplus.com/company-list/Flexpress