How to add a control panel to the Windows 11 Start menu or taskbar


It’s good that Microsoft is keeping its classic Control Panel in Windows 11. Here’s a look at pinning it to Start or the taskbar for easier access.

Even with all of the system utilities and other features moved into the modern Settings app on Windows 10 and 11, the classic Control Panel remains. You might be more comfortable using it, as it is your point of reference in Windows for maintenance and troubleshooting. And you might want to access it more easily by creating a Control Panel shortcut on the Start menu or taskbar. Here is an overview of the two options.

First of all, if you are a heavy user of the Start menu, this part of the tutorial is for you. This will show you how to pin Control Panel to the Start menu.

Add Control Panel to Start Menu

Click it Start button on your Home screen or press the Windows key on your keyboard to display the Start menu. Then type: cpl Where control Panel in the search box.

From the top result under “Best Match” you should see the Control Panel application. Right click on it then click Pin to start Where Pin to taskbar depending on where you want it to be.

Search cpl start menu windows 11

For example, here I have pinned it to the taskbar. You can open it just like you would any other app pinned to the taskbar. When you’re done, close it and the Powerline icon will stay pinned to the taskbar for the next time you need it.

Control Panel open on Windows 11

Or you can pin it to the Start menu. This is what I did here. Note that it will put the Control Panel at the bottom of the pinned lists. So, you’ll have to ‘scroll down’ the list of pinned tabs if you don’t see it, and it will be listed.

Next page Start Windows 11

When you find it, right click on the Powerline icon and select Pin to taskbar menu.

Pin CPL to taskbar from Windows 11 startup

Once the Control Panel is pinned to the taskbar, you can right-click on it. And then access its content from the menu that appears. Similar to the example below.

Access Powerline items Windows 11 taskbar

Also, if you want to detach the Control Panel icon, open Start, right-click on it and click Detach from the beginning Where Detach from taskbar or both.

Detach CPL from Start Taskmanager windows 11

Another tip to report. If you want to pin Control Panel to the taskbar, open it from Start (Windows key> type: cpl> press Enter), and when it opens, right-click the icon in the taskbar and click Pin to taskbar.

Pin to the taskbar directly Windows 11


That’s all we can say about it. You now have access to the classic control panel you’ve used over the years and are used to. But, over time, Microsoft continues to move things around in the modern Settings app. Also see our article on pinning apps from Start to taskbar in Windows 11.

And to learn more about Windows 11, learn how to add or remove folders from the Start menu. You may have noticed that my Start button is on the left where you expected it to be. You can also do this on your system. Please see our article on how to move the Start menu and taskbar under Windows 11.


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