How to fix “Control Panel not opening” problem on Windows 10


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Check how to fix “Control Panel does not open” issue on Windows 10

Control Panel is the main control center of your Windows 10 and Windows 11 computer. From Control Panel, you can mainly control Windows 10/11 components, advanced settings of essential parts and many more. What to do if the Control Panel starts to stop responding on your PC? Do not worry. We will show how to fix this problem in a few simple steps.

Control Panel is a very useful tool in Windows that allows you to control and manage various important settings for your computer. However, the Control Panel may not open when you are using it. To remedy this, MiniTool presents 7 effective solutions for you in this article.

The control panel does not open

If Control Panel won’t open on your Windows 11/10 PC, here are some solutions you can try:

  • Run a malware scan
  • Try to open the control panel in safe mode
  • Try to open it using explorer
  • Run sfc / scannow
  • Check and configure the file association for Control Panel files
  • Consider a system restore operation or use Refresh PC or Restart PC.

Let’s take a look at these in detail.

  • Run a full scan with your antivirus software.
  • See if you can open Control Panel in Safe Mode or Clean Boot Mode. If so, then a certain start interferes with its operation. In Clean Boot State, you will need to identify the offending program by disabling / enabling each of the starts.
  • Open File Explorer, type the following in the address bar and press Enter to open the System folder:

Look for * .cpl in this folder. The results will show all files in the Control Panel applet.

Click on appwiz.cpl and see if the main Control Panel window opens. Otherwise, in the WinX menu, open Run, type appwiz.cpl and press Enter. Does the main Control Panel window open? Otherwise, it is very possible that a .cpl file has been damaged or corrupted.

Click on each one and see if the associated Control Panel tool opens. If something doesn’t look like this, it means that particular .cpl file has been corrupted or damaged.

Third-party hardware and software manufacturers often add Control Panel icons to provide an interface for configuring configuration options for their products. If any of these third-party control panel icons have been corrupted, it is best to remove them. But if it is a system .cpl file, read on.

  • Run sfc / scannow to start the System File Checker. Restart your computer after execution is complete. This will replace any damaged system files, if any. Now see if you can open Control Panel now.
  • Check and set the file association for Control Panel files and see if that helps. Now I know you can’t open Control Panel but if through System32 folder as described above you can click open inetcpl.cpl please do so. Then, in the Programs tab, click on the Set Associations button, in the File Associations section to open the following window.
  • If nothing helps, you may need to consider a System Restore operation or use the Refresh PC or Restart PC feature.

Final words: How to fix “Control Panel not opening” problem on Windows 10

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