How to reveal the control panel (lost in the transmission)


In the visionary role “Lost In Transmission”, Death loop players are tasked with sabotaging Egor’s experiment after he accidentally comes across a breakthrough in his research. The goal for Death loop actors in this track is to get Egor to abandon his project and attend Aleksis’ masquerade party at Updaam at night.

After progressing through the Visionary Lead, players will eventually conclude that if Egor’s work is sabotaged, he will reluctantly attend the party in Updaam. This will allow players to assassinate both targets in a single period, bringing them one step closer to breaking the loop.


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How to reveal the control panel

Once players find the listening device responsible for Egor’s breakthrough, they will be tasked with finding the location of Egor’s control panel. The control panel is in the field, next to a rusty pipe, near all the buildings.

visionary leader

After finding the control panel, players will see that Egor has installed a built-in security that prevents the player from accessing it. To access the control panel, return to Egor’s office.

egor's office

If the security system is on and the lasers are preventing the player from accessing the windows, they can avoid detection by using Colt’s phase ability. If players don’t have the phase ability, they can still access the interior of the office through the roof. Accessing the office through the roof will trigger the alarm, but that shouldn’t be a problem if players have already hacked into all the turrets inside through the windows.

Once inside the office, head to the second floor. Players will find a large machine with several field nullifiers next to it.

field canceller

Take one of the field cancellers and return to the control panel. Activate the nullify field next to the control panel. This will cause the panel to be revealed and he can now interact with it.

field canceller

Control panel code (stop the device)

Players must now turn off the listening device responsible for Egor’s breakthrough. This is accomplished by entering the 4 digit code into the control panel.

control code

Like many codes in Death loop, the the code for the control panel is randomly generated, and therefore, will vary from player to player. To find the code, open the Visionary Leads menu and look in the path “Lost In Transmission”. Players will find the code under the objective “Silence the apparatus of Egor”.

After entering the correct code, Egor will now attend the masquerade party at Updaam. Players can now exit the mission from the nearby extraction point.

Death loop is available now on PS5 and PC.

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