Huawei’s Super Device now available on its PCs via a new control panel

Doha: Huawei announced the global rollout of the Super Device Concept for Smart Office, a new solution that dramatically improves cross-device connectivity and collaboration between supported Huawei devices. The software-driven feature is part of Huawei’s drive towards seamless AI life, which the company envisions in five main scenarios: Health and Fitness, Easy Travel, Smart Office, Entertainment, and Smart Home.

Huawei’s Seamless AI Life brings unlimited creation and seamless communication to the Smart Office to enable a digitally efficient work life experience by synergizing Huawei’s two core capabilities: cross-device collaboration and ecosystem integration. Cross-device collaboration lets users connect multiple devices together in a single experience, while ecosystem integration bridges the gap between Windows and mobile platforms, boosting creativity and improving communication efficiency .

Thanks to the Super Device interface in the control panel, the connection between PCs, smartphones, tablets, monitors and smart TVs is established with a simple drag and drop. The pairing of the super device is initiated by simply clicking on the control panel icon in the lower right corner of the PC and dragging the icons of nearby devices to the PC icon.

Cross-device collaboration makes connecting between devices more seamless and hassle-free. Today, Huawei is poised to break down inter-device barriers by bringing the Super Device to the Smart Office, allowing all compatible devices to work as one.

Ecosystem integration is another core capability of Smart Office. With mobile applications that excel in content consumption needs, the Huawei Mobile Application Engine provides access to AppGallery’s wealth of popular productivity and entertainment apps on Huawei laptops.

Now, the Super Device is available on Huawei PCs via the Super Device’s easy-to-connect drag-and-drop interface in the PC’s Control Center, allowing quick access to images and files on your phone, as well as a fast and convenient smart display connectivity for presentations.

Thanks to the contextual pairing function, the Huawei PC can also quickly and easily connect to Huawei’s wireless Bluetooth headphones, speakers, mouse and keyboard, as well as the printer, improving the overall experience. smart office. As a Super Device, the smartphone interface will also be displayed on the PC screen, and with multi-screen collaboration, up to three mobile apps can be opened directly on the PC for multitasking. Users can also easily access recorded material on their phone via their PC via drag and drop. Edit files from your smartphone with the Huawei MateBook, where all changes are automatically saved to the phone and ready to share.

The PC + Tablet Super Device supports three connection modes, each catering to distinct use cases.

Super Device takes users to a higher level of technology experience, productivity and enjoyment as part of Huawei’s efforts to realize seamless AI life. Super Device feature support will extend to previous Huawei PC models, provided users upgrade the Huawei PC Manager to its latest version. In the near future, Huawei plans to continue adding support for more devices, to continuously improve the user experience whether at work or at play.