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KL Rahul’s struggles continued on Thursday when he fell for just nine runs on 12 balls against the Netherlands. It was the second time in a row Rahul had fallen for single digits at the 2022 T20 World Cup, having been ruled out for four in India’s dramatic opener against Pakistan on Sunday. This has led a number of fans to question India’s decision to stay with Rahul at the top of the list instead of trying someone like Rishabh Pant.

Rahul had returned from a long stint on the sidelines at the end of August and has struggled for consistency ever since. He had scored half a century in a row against South Africa in the series just before the T20 World Cup, but the first of those was a 51-56 ball. in the past and as head coach of the Punjab Kings in the IPL, said the 30-year-old just needed to ‘light up’. Rahul was captain of the Punjab franchise and was often criticized for his poor strike rate at the top of the order.

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Kumble said he understands why Rahul tends to stoop while playing for Punjab but the situation is different when he plays for India. “In the IPL it was a different conversation. We kept saying, look, you’re the best player. Go out and bat normally. From the first ball, go hard, do what you’re good at,” he said on ESPNCricinfo.

“Especially on the power play, I don’t think any bowler can shut him up. But I think when he was playing franchise cricket he felt he had to beat longer because of the training he had and he was captain. You can say what you want from the outside, but you can’t control what happens on the pitch.

“With the Indian team it’s quite different. I think his role is just to go out there and beat. When I was a coach I didn’t want that to change, I just wanted him to go and be KL Rahul dictate terms from the first ball I think he turns on and off for some reason we saw in his last game for Punjab against Chennai where we had to get those runs and having a crack at the net run rate, we saw what he can do. He just crushed everyone and Chennai had good international bowlers,” Kumble said.

CSK had scored 134/6 in a 2021 IPL match against Punjab, with the latter under pressure to improve their net run rate. Rahul ended up throwing an unbeaten 98 from 42 balls, breaking seven fours and eight sixes as he led his side to a six-wicket victory with 42 balls in hand. “So it’s just about turning Rahul on. It’s not about any conversation one of us can have, it’s just about him feeling that today is when I’m gonna start punching or kicking. be hesitant. We don’t know,” he said.


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