IAS Improves Contextual Targeting ROI Tools with Launch of “Control Panel”

“With our new control panel, advertisers will have the ability to strategically plan, activate and optimize their targeting campaigns within the IAS Signal platform,” said Tom Sharma, Product Manager, IAS. “This is another example of our continued efforts to enable our client organizations and customers to confidently rely on our contextual targeting solution while achieving campaign KPIs.”

The Control Panel Suite offers the following tools:

  • Catalog of context control segments: Provides easy discovery of all 400+ out-of-the-box context, avoidance, and targeting segments in one place.
  • Contextual Segment Audience Calculator: Provides guidance on the potential reach of IAS contextual targeting segments to properly plan campaigns.
  • Contextual targeting reports: Offers insights into the performance of targeting segments, specifically focusing on viewability, reach, and programmatic dimensions.
  • Contextual targeting profiles: Allows customers to consolidate all of their desired targeting segments into a single profile with a single segment ID for easy activation in their DSP.

IAS recently expanded its context control solutions for advertisers and publishers globally, giving customers more control over the context of digital ad placements. Advertisers can average over 400 contextual segments from IAS on a pre-bid basis to avoid unwanted content or target relevant content to their campaigns. Major DSPs including Adelphic, Adform, Amobee, MediaMath, Xandr, Yahoo and others have built-in Context Control, making these tools readily available to advertisers wherever they choose to buy.

In a recent case study, OMD Turkey was challenged to increase awareness and drive conversions for its client, Renault, without using third-party audience targeting, all during the busy Q4 automotive period. IAS Context Control Targeting outperformed the competition and led to a strong improvement in Renault KPIs, including a 53% increase in click-through rate, an 8.4% increase in conversion rate and a 3% improvement in cost per share. click.

About IAS
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