Iron Oak Homes will offer artificially intelligent light switches as standard

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Orro, makers of the professional-grade Orro Smart Living System, today announced that Iron Oak Homes, based in Meridian, Idaho, is among the latest builders to offer its artificially intelligent light switches in as a standard feature. Detecting motion, sound and light with their powerful built-in sensors, the Orro One Pro and Orro S switches respond with the perfect amount of light, while learning and adapting based on owners’ habits and preferences. . With integrations for over 60 smart home brands, the company’s switches unlock new revenue opportunities for builders by serving as an intuitive all-in-one control system. Enhanced third-party features also extend Orro’s healthy, human-centric lighting to other connected lighting systems and brands, including Lutron Caséta, Lutron RA2 Select, Leviton, Kasa Smart by TP Link, and LIFX.

As a leading homebuilder in a rapidly growing market, Iron Oak officials see the product as a way to go above and beyond for homebuyers, the majority of whom now expect homes are equipped with smart home technologies and healthy features.

“We caught up with Orro at this year’s International Builders Show in Orlando and immediately contacted our integrator, Peak Audio & Video, to see what they thought of adding the company’s smart home system to our projects” , said Mike Koseki, planning director for Iron Oak Homes. “After putting the product to the test, they are now thanking us for the suggestion.”

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Peak Audio & Video Inc. is a leading digital lifestyle integrator in the states of Utah and Idaho.

“After a decade of systems integration experience and 50 years in the residential and commercial security industry, we’re not quick to jump on new options,” said Nathan Karren, branch manager for Peak Audio. & Video Inc. in Idaho. “We back our products and services with a signature white-glove treatment, so our product specialists reviewed Orro long and hard, finding it to be a true professional-grade system.”

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Designed to meet the rigors and demands of professional home builders, electricians and installers, the Orro Smart Living system upgrades homes with an easy-to-use unified smart home system that offers premium quality and the features demanded by the owners. With Orro, users benefit from automated smart lighting, smart home controls, wellness-focused light schedules, home monitoring, and energy-saving features that work together. integrate seamlessly with basic smart and automation systems – creating a home that works for you. For more information visit:

About iron oak houses

Based in Meridian, Idaho, Iron Oak Homes has over 100 years of combined experience in the home building industry. With family needs and budget in mind, the company builds premium homes in neighborhoods spanning Boise, Meridian, Star, Kuna, Eagle, Middleton, Caldwell and Nampa.

About Peak Audio & Video Inc.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Peak Audio & Video Inc. is a leading digital lifestyle integrator in Utah and Idaho. Founded in 2011, the company is a subsidiary of Peak Alarm Company, a pioneer in residential and commercial security that has served the state of Utah for 50 years. Both companies combine the best technology with the best people in the industry to deliver a superior customer experience.