Is your LG QuadWash dishwasher control panel flickering? Class action lawsuit says you’re not alone

A proposed class action lawsuit alleges that LG Electronics knowingly sold QuadWash-compatible dishwashers equipped with defective LED control panels prone to moisture intrusion.

The 56-page filing says that although LG designed the control panels in question to be “easy to see and use”, each suffers from an identical flaw that allows moisture to enter the panel. control panel and damage the sensitive electronic components inside.

When moisture enters the control panel of an LG dishwasher, its lights can flicker or flickerand his buttons may not workwhich may cause the device stopping mid-cycle or not restarting after the end of a cycle, indicates the complaint.

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Ultimately, the problem of moisture intrusion can make the dishwasher control panel completely insensitivepreventing consumers from using their dishwashers as intended, the lawsuit says.

According to the filing, LG was aware of the control panel defect since at least 2015, when it reportedly received its first batch of consumer complaints about the issue. It took the company about three years to acknowledge the fault – and only did so in a service bulletin to authorized repair technicians, the case relays.

Despite its apparent knowledge of the problem for a long time, LG still failed to remedy the defect, as “updated” control panels provided by the company suffer from the same problem, according to the lawsuit.

“Indeed, consumers are reporting that their replacement control panels, which LG describes in the Service Bulletin as ‘upgrades’ designed to ‘prevent further moisture ingress’, also fail shortly after installation” , indicates the combination. “Because LG repairs class-leading dishwashers using faulty control panels that are doomed to fail, its warranty offers little real relief and fails its essential purpose.”

Additionally, after the company’s one-year parts and labor warranty expired, LG claims the defect “does not exist” and provides no further warranty coverage, according to the case. According to the complaint, LG is asking consumers who are out of warranty to pay out of pocket to get their dishwashers working again, even if the company previously repaired the control panel under warranty.

The lawsuit says LG ultimately left some dishwasher owners “between a rock and a hard place” in that once the control panel defect manifests, their options are either to buy a brand new one. dishwasher, or to pay out of pocket for several repairs to their current. a.

Which LG dishwashers are mentioned in the case?

According to the lawsuit, LG dishwashers with one of the following model numbers are equipped with a faulty control panel:

  • LDF5545;
  • LDP6797;
  • LDT7797;
  • LDT5665;
  • LDT5678; and
  • LDT7808.

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Plaintiff, a resident of Bakersfield, California, alleges his LG dishwasher’s control panel failed just six months after it was originally replaced in July 2020. The man claims his new control panel started to “turn on and off inappropriately during cycles. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff was ultimately left with a “defective dishwasher” after its original warranty expired.

LG’s ‘solution’ to ‘equally ineffective’ control panel problem, says Case

According to the lawsuit, LG issued a service bulletin to authorized technicians on November 8, 2018 to help fix the moisture intrusion issue. In the bulletin, the suit says, LG relayed its alleged solution to the defect: adding a silicone coating to the side of the control panel to prevent further moisture ingress.

The case argues that since this type of service bulletin is only issued after a significant number of complaints have been filed and a lengthy investigation has been conducted, “it is clear that LG was aware of the control panel failure in class dishwashers long before November 2018.”

Unfortunately, however, the silicone coating fix didn’t, well, fix the problem, according to the lawsuit.

As evidenced by ongoing consumer complaints, even after repairs using an updated component, Class dishwashers continue to stop mid-cycle or completely lose power after a cycle, buttons control panel continue to malfunction and the dishwashers are rendered completely unusable. To correct the control panel defect, class dishwashers require control panels that are not susceptible to moisture ingress which corrodes the internal circuitry. »

Who is targeted by the lawsuit?

The case aims to cover all consumers nationwide who have purchased one or more LG QuadWash compatible dishwashers suffering from the control panel issue.

Can you add me to the case?

It’s a common misconception, but when a proposed class action lawsuit is initially filed, There are you have nothing to do join, be added to, or be considered part of the lawsuit.

Only if the case continues and eventually settles (no guaranteed outcome!) will the people who are “covered” by the case, called “class members”, have to act. In the event of a settlement, class members would receive a notice of settlement containing information on their legal rights, instructions on how to file a claim, and more.

That being said, class action lawsuits tend to take a while to go through the legal process, usually toward settlement, termination, or arbitration.

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A PDF of the complaint can be found below.