Jo Ellis-Williams adviser Carlisle switches from Labor to Tories

The CARLISLE Tories took overall control of the city council after a Labor adviser joined them in declaring that work “no longer represents its values”.

In a dramatic move, Parklands and Harraby South adviser Jo Ellis-Williams joined the Tories in saying she had had enough of internal feuds between the Labor ranks.

She said: “I got involved in politics to help people, to improve life and improve the region in which we live. It has become increasingly evident locally that the Labor Party is no longer the place to do this.

“I don’t feel that my core values ​​of increasing fairness and prosperity have changed; it just doesn’t seem to me that Carlisle’s Labor Party is any more capable of upholding these values.

“They are too busy bickering with each other. This internal bickering, pointing and focus on maintaining grievances has created an ugly culture of self-interest among some Party members.”

Ms Ellis-Williams went on to say that she would like to thank the members of the Labor Party who have provided support and assistance over the past few years, adding that she hopes they will understand that her decision is not a rejection of this friendship. .

Welcoming Jo to the Conservatives, Cllr John Mallinson, Head of City Council, said: “The Conservative group is absolutely delighted to welcome Jo to our group as well as to the party.

Jo is a well known, respected and hardworking member of the board who I am sure will be a great asset to us. Additionally, this now means the Tory Group has overall control of the council, which, along with a Tory government and Tory MP in Carlisle, will help us implement the upgrade program by going through the many projects funded by the government in the city right now. . ”

Carlisle MP John Stevenson also praised the news.

He said: “I am delighted to welcome Jo to the Conservative Party. It’s especially good to see ambitious people joining a party that has a real aspiration for Carlisle’s future and who want to play their part to make it happen. I’m sure Jo will make a valuable contribution to the party locally and to Carlisle City Council. ”

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