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New push buttons for the smart home: the JUNG KNX F 10 push button looks like a classic light switch, but masters KNX smart technology. It is available in Standard and Universal versions and as an extension. In the Universal and extension combination, it guarantees a particularly economical electrical installation.

The KNX F 10 push button masters both the push button function and the rocker function. The toggle function of the Standard version allows additional control possibilities such as the dimming of luminaires. Among other things, the push-button function of the universal version allows full-surface operation. Individual switching points can also be freely configured. The KNX F 10 push button thus combines numerous functions.

The KNX F 10 push button communicates with the sabotage protection via KNX Data Secure. As soon as an update is available, installers update the push button with the new ETS Service application.


The JUNG KNX F 10 push button in universal version can be connected to a KNX push button extension via the extension connections. Alternatively, extensions with potential-free contact can be connected to it, such as reed contacts or conventional installation buttons. The extension can thus be placed at a distance of up to 30 meters of cable length. The JUNG KNX F 10 push buttons thus enable intelligent and considerably economical electrical installation.

An overview of the functions of the F 10:

  • Intuitive and versatile operation

The function assignment of the new JUNG KNX F 10 push button can be fully customized. In addition, their individual switching points can be freely configured thanks to a sophisticated operating concept.

The JUNG KNX F 10 push button in the universal version has an integrated temperature sensor. It thus registers the room temperature with extreme precision and transmits the information to, for example, a KNX temperature controller.

  • Many additional functions

The Standard and Universal versions have a control satellite unit and an energy saving mode. The KNX F 10 universal push button also has alarm signalling, latching function and HSV color control.

Its compact design of only 15 millimeters creates much more space for wiring.

The JUNG KNX F 10 push button is available with covers and devices from the JUNG A, AS, CD and LS ranges.

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