Kärcher K4 Power Control review: The next generation of cleaning machines

When it comes to cleaning the car, watering the patio, or washing all the burnt grease off your barbecue and grill, there are some outdoor jobs that get so much easier when you can tackle them with it. a high pressure cleaner.

Over the past few years, the Kärcher K4 Full Control has been one of the best, giving you a great mix of cleaning power, convenience and real control for just under £ 200. Well, now Kärcher is back with a new generation of pressure washers, including an update for its award-winning hero product.

To be fair, the differences are quite minor, but the K4 Power Control is a perfectly capable replacement for its predecessor, and remains the best price and performance option in Kärcher’s line of pressure washers.

Kärcher K4 Power Control review: what do you get for the money?

The K4 Power Control is one of Kärcher’s most powerful pressure washers, with a 1,800 W water-cooled motor capable of producing a maximum of 420 liters per hour at a maximum pressure of 130 bar.

Yet its real selling points are its G160Q Power Control gun and Vario Power spray lance. When the spray lance is inserted and the trigger is pressed, the LED backlit indicators on the gun will light up to indicate the current pressure level, which goes from Soft (suitable for cleaning wood, stoneware or, for example, example, a bicycle) to Hard (for cleaning concrete, hard stones, tarmac, metal surfaces, etc.). There is also a Mix setting when you need to mix detergent or snow foam concentrate to deep clean your car or patio.

You can adjust the pressure and spray pattern by turning the Vario Power spray lance until the display reaches the desired level. This means you can do most cleaning jobs with just one spray lance, although Kärcher still bundles up in a harder rotating jet nozzle that you can use to remove any really stubborn dirt (or the slightly loose tarmac from your driveway if you’re stupid enough to try it without adjusting the pressure level first. This has absolutely not happened to me.)

As anyone who has tried to buy a Kärcher pressure washer will know, the manufacturer loves to offer their products in a range of different packs. version (around £ 240) which adds a bit of detergent and T5 surface cleaner (more details later), or a Car and Home variant (around £ 320) which adds a rotating car brush and foam nozzle. snow / shampoo on top.

You don’t necessarily need these extras, but if you do, it’s cheaper to buy the bundles than to buy the accessories separately.

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Kärcher K4 Power Control review: is it easy to use?

The hardest thing to get the K4 Power Control to work is putting it together in the first place, as you will need to attach the wheels, several additional sections, and a handle, before you run the high pressure hose through the back of it. the device forward.

The instructions aren’t that clear and there are quite a few screws involved. Once you’ve assembled it and connected to the water supply via a standard connector, however, it’s just a matter of plugging the hose into the gun, attaching the lance, and pulling the trigger.

The Vario Power Spray Wand and Power Control Gun work exactly as promised, making it easy to change pressure and adjust the spray pattern without having to manipulate the device or stop to plug in another attachment. I barely needed to reach the Dirt Blaster secondary spear.

The Power Control has a bit more hose to work with than the old model (8m instead of 6m) and although the hose is a bit stiff and awkward, you can wrap it around a retainer. on the back of the unit when rolling or carrying it. Additional points for the sliding handle as well.

Kärcher K4 Power Control review: does it clean well?

The cleaning is fantastic. I used the K4 Power Control to apply snow foam to my car, rinse it, scrub moss and dirt from a tarmac driveway, and clean the hard concrete and patio areas in the garden. Every step of the way he was an asset, delivering a fierce spray when I needed brute force and a softer spray that cleaned up the foam without damaging the paint. Fairly dirty concrete steps clean better than they have in years, even without any added detergent.

I also tried the car brush on the car and the T5 cleaner (pictured above) on the paving slabs, steps and tarmac and the latter in particular was helpful. One of the downsides of using a pressure washer is that you will often get splashed from hard surfaces, covering your pant legs (or your actual legs) with splashes of dirt, moss, algae. and god knows what else. The T5 cleaner stops that while effectively cleaning large, flat areas, making it a winner in my book.

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Kärcher K4 Power Control review: what could be improved?

The K5 Smart Premium’s LCD screen and digital controls are even better than those of the K4 Power Control and I would say the same for its 3-in-1 multi-jet lance.

However, these come with a higher price tag and some smart features enabled by the apps that I’m not entirely convinced about. Overall, I think the K4 Power Control strikes a better balance of features, power, and affordability than its more expensive sibling.

Kärcher K4 Power Control review: should I buy it?

If you need a lot of cleaning power then yes. Those with smaller gardens and limited hard surfaces to clean could probably get away with a low budget pressure washer, like Kärcher K2 Compact or the adorable Halfords PW20.

However, if you have a decent sized patio and driveway, or an often muddy engine, you’ll be glad you paid extra for a more powerful and versatile model. This gives you everything you need without blowing your budget, making it the best pressure washer for most people.

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