LynTec Power Control Selected by Sapphire Sound to Support State-of-the-Art Audio in Jack Singer Concert Hall


Installed by Sapphire and GerrAudio, LynTec’s RPC Series panels deliver power to a rugged and flexible Meyer audio system

LENEXA, Kan. – September 29, 2021 – LynTec, a leading manufacturer of innovative power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting (AVL) systems, announced that Sapphire Sound, in collaboration with GerrAudio, has deployed the control of the LynTec AVL feed in Calgary’s famous Jack Singer Concert Hall. Part of the Arts Commons installation in Calgary Alberta, it is one of the most acclaimed places in North America. It is home to the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, BD&P World Stage and TD Jazz.
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While COVID-19 forced the JSCH to remain closed to the public throughout 2020 and into the 2021 season, the nonprofit space was able to use the downtime to overhaul its AVL systems. A feature of the redesign was the installation of a flexible Meyer Sound system that can easily be reconfigured to accommodate multiple audience seating arrangements, depending on the type of show being presented on stage. To achieve this, the Jack Singer team called on local AV integrator Sapphire Sound; GerrAudio Distribution, Canadian distributor of Meyer Sound; and Meyer Sound to offer a hybrid system.

The Hybrid is made up of two subsystems: L / R line arrays that can be airlifted for louder rock performances, and an elegant center band made up of multiple point source elements for quieter symphonic concerts where the audience is usually seated around the stage. Each line array consists of 16 LEOPARD loudspeakers on each side of the stage, and the center group consists of several point source loudspeakers from the UPQ-D and ULTRA-X series. Additionally, the new room system has distributed point source units throughout the space for various filling applications and the latest generation of Meyer Sound low frequency control elements – both integrated into the center group and stacked. on the ground on either side of the stage. if necessary. Sapphire Sound and GerrAudio were tasked with ensuring that the venue’s complex system design requirements were met, which included replacing its old power relay panels that were no longer powerful enough to support the new ones. AV systems.

“Because we were developing the audio system so much, we actually had to change the power source to the room,” comments Phil Banks, director of operations for Sapphire Sound. “Rather than just adding an extra 100 amps, it made sense to change everything to a main 250 amp power supply and do it all in one cabinet. “

Additionally, since there were two systems, the zoning was complex, requiring a power control system capable of supporting multi-zone configurations. With that in mind, Sapphire turned to LynTec Power Control for a solution.

“Within the two systems there are several different zone configurations that we needed to be able to manage – these are similar zones within the zones,” Banks said. “The ability to disable different areas depending on the size and configuration of the audience was a big factor in choosing LynTec. We also wanted to make it incredibly easy to use.

To power these complex configurations, the LynTec RPC-348 bipolar remote control panel was installed. Based on Square D’s G3 PowerlinkTM hardware platform, the RPC Series uses the latest remote-controlled circuit breakers and includes models that can control up to 168 circuit breakers with a single controller. For the Jack Singer, the 348 provided exactly what the system required: 48 controlled circuits and six uncontrolled.

“Between the two systems, we filled the panel to the brim,” Banks said. “And the expansion capabilities of LynTec are also an advantage. If we were to add another panel in the future, we can just add a secondary panel and still easily control it from the same system.

The RPC is designed for flexibility of control. It can interface with any control system that communicates individual circuit addresses by IP, Telnet, DMX, sACN, RS-232 or contact closures.

“We just wanted to keep the technicians on site as simple as possible and not lock them into something new,” Banks said. “Because they were used to having a physical switch, we stuck with that routine, but added a second switch inside the cabin so they could start the on-off sequence from the. Having the option of IP control comes in handy, so if they needed to change the sequence of this boot procedure, everything was done easily.

In addition, the RPC allows up to 12 control zones, and each zone can be controlled by a different protocol. To support specific start-up requirements for audio and video systems, it offers circuit-level sequencing with customizable steps ranging from fractions to 999 seconds, as well as selectable load shedding per circuit, automatic power-on and over / under voltage protection. A built-in scheduler with astronomical clock gives sites the flexibility to schedule an automated power off and ensure nothing is accidentally left on.

In addition to the speaker systems, the RPC panel feeds the sound of the Jack Singer Concert Hall stage. This ensures that everything has the same ground source so that no hum is heard through the PA.

“LynTec is a powerhouse, and where we do a design-build project, we work their panels,” Banks said. “For the Jack Singer, we had to deal with a lot of logistics due to the pandemic as well as the complexities of the design, but the LynTec tech team were great in helping us solve all of this very efficiently.”

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