LynTec to unveil new power control solutions at LDI 2022 – rAVe [PUBS]

LynTec will showcase its new PDS-12 sequencing relay panel and smart switch assemblies alongside its award-winning LCP lighting control panel, narrow profile distribution panels and RPC remote control circuit breaker panel

LENEXA, Kan. — Nov. 7, 2022 — LynTec, a leading manufacturer of innovative power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting (AVL) systems, is launching new power control solutions at LDI 2022, May 14-20. November 20 in Las Vegas. At booth 2335, the company’s new PDS-12 sequencing relay panel and PoE and Ethernet compatible smart switch assemblies will take center stage, along with the LCP lighting control panel, profile distribution panels narrow and the company’s flagship RPC remote control circuit breaker panel also on display.

“It’s critical for us to give customers the ability to effortlessly manage power requirements for the growing assortment of AVL components deployed in today’s live event spaces,” said Mark Bishop, President from LynTec. “Like many solutions in our power control portfolio, our new PDS-12 and smart switch set are designed based on feedback from installers in the field. The PDS-12 builds on the control features of power supplies that made our PDS-10 popular with a critical redesign that delivers additional savings, and our new smart switch assemblies bring our older SS-2 switch assemblies into the digital age. from panels to switches is no longer necessary – just place the panel and PoE smart switch sets on your network and they can interact.This will significantly reduce installation cost and labor.

LynTec’s PDS-12 is a cost-effective, feature-rich relay panel with four, eight, or 12 Panasonic 30-amp single-pole latching relays installed in a compact 1-square-foot NEMA 1R or 3R enclosure. The new panel features individual delays between each relay, one emergency stop per circuit, one emergency stop for lighting per circuit, as well as undervoltage and overvoltage detection for brownout protection. voltage and voltage spikes. It is easy to configure via the LED display and the rotary encoder. BACnet IP is expandable and can also be added to existing building automation systems – a feature also available with the company’s LCP and RPC power control solutions.

Boasting the same familiar look and ease of use as LynTec’s SS-2 switch set, the new smart switch set includes PoE and Ethernet connectivity to control individual zones LynTec RPC, RPCR, LCP, NPAC and XPC. This eliminates wiring from switches to the panel. Each set of switches is programmed with a web browser to identify the target panel and zone. Integrators can install sets of smart switches in multiple locations to control panels in the same area or in different areas, each displaying the current status of the area. Plus, by connecting to standard SS-2 switches, they are expandable to control two zones. They are available as a wall plate switch or in a rack mountable plate for simple rack level control.

The LCP will also be featured at LynTec’s LDI booth, which intelligently handles lighting and video power demands and is fully self-contained with an integrated web browser-based interface, mobile control app, an astronomical timer and contact closure inputs for sensor control. The LCP can also interface with any third party control system that uses DMX, sACN, HTTP or Telnet protocols – the same feature set as the patented RPC series. It adds several key innovations to the company’s innovative panel options. The controller electronics were removed from the panel and mounted in a self-contained 12×12 enclosure. First, it increases installation flexibility and reduces wall space requirements, and second, the power supply has been relocated to the main panel box, eliminating the need for sidecars. Therefore, the maximum width of a standard NEMA 1 enclosure is 20 inches.

Show attendees will also want to see LynTec’s narrow profile 9-inch wide and column-width panelboard, which allows system designers to create a custom power control system optimized for the space available. . It is ideal for industries, stadiums, performance spaces and mega-churches with robust AVL requirements and unique infrastructure requirements. Customers can mix and match the Narrow Profile Panels with LynTec’s leading line of full-featured power control panels within the same network on a single interface. From a single IP address, customers can configure, control, and monitor all of their AVL sequences or controllable lighting zones across the entire facility with incredibly affordable ease and price.

LynTec will showcase its flagship and patented RPC Series – the power control solution from which all of LynTec’s innovative power control solutions are derived and the first choice among professional AVL designers, consultants and integrators. The suite of power control options includes RPC motorized circuit breaker panels with 30 to 84 controllable circuit breakers per panel, RPCR electrical relay panels that support eight to 64 relays per panel, and the panel mounted relay panel. NPAC rack. Based on Square D’s G3 Powerlink™ hardware platform and designed to simplify builds by speeding up the installation process, Power Control reduces operating costs with simple wiring that allows electricians to complete installations quickly and easily, and eliminates additional steps, costs and space. required to install a separate relay panel. It can control lighting and AV systems across multiple control zones using multiple control protocols (HTTP, Telnet, sACN, DMX, and RS-232). From the LynTec GUI, users can select the protocol for each zone as well as remotely configure, troubleshoot, control and monitor status on existing networks from any connected computer or handheld smart device . The system can send alert notifications via SMS or email to warn of panel abnormalities.

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