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The Control Panel has been around for a while, being the default location to find all of the settings to control your PC, but Microsoft seems determined to migrate users to the Windows 10 Settings app for all of their DIY needs.

Microsoft has changed the Control Panel’s user interface over the years, trying to push users towards the Settings app, but the old system has a loyal fan base of older users who preferred its “function rather than” approach. that fashion ”.

Unfortunately, in the recent Windows Update October 2020, trying to click on the System page in Control Panel will redirect users to the Windows 10 Settings app.

It also looks like we don’t have much choice in how to use the new UI, regardless of stubborn determination. According to Windows Latest, Microsoft is also blocking property shortcuts and third-party apps that could have been used as a workaround to get to the removed system page.

The end of an era

That’s not to say the new Settings app doesn’t have any appeal, with its touch functionality and nice modern theme, but there was always something familiar about the Control Panel. A faithful friend and unchanged through the many developments of Windows over the years.

It’s understandable that Microsoft wants a more user-friendly interface for the future of Windows 10, and it doesn’t make sense to keep the old UI. After all, the Control Panel is old at this point and can be incredibly confusing for people who didn’t grow up with Windows.

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