Microsoft can finally kill classic Windows Control Panel


Microsoft can finally remove or hide the old Windows 10 control panel, according to Windows Central. The latest Windows Insider beta versions of Windows 10 reveal subtle coding references that suggest “hiding” of the old Control Panel.

Microsoft phased out Windows XP many years ago and recently ended support for Windows 7. But many elements of older operating systems remain in the latest version of Windows 10. One of the between them is the old Control Panel, where you will still find a lot of more in-depth settings and preferences. But future versions of Windows 10 could finally remove it in favor of the modern settings page.

This decision would make a lot of sense, as many of the old Control Panel‘s settings options are already available from the main Windows 10 settings application. It has become a bit redundant, as there are two ways to access configuration options for common tasks such as changing user accounts.

In the future, that means maybe Microsoft could push users to the modern Settings app instead. Unlike the classic Control Panel, it’s more easily accessible from the Windows 10 Start menu. It’s also cleaner and more concise, with settings grouped together for easier understanding.

It’s still not clear if the Control Panel would just be hidden or removed entirely. Microsoft has yet to officially comment on the matter.

We also don’t know when this change might go into effect. Since the next version of Windows 10 (codenamed Windows 10 Version 2004) is already nearing completion, we might expect the change to come in a later Windows 10 update in the fall. This update does not yet have a release date or name, but it could arrive around October or November, judging by previous versions.

Microsoft has already faced criticism for removing some of Windows’ other “classic” features. The company last tried to remove the original Paint app from Windows 10 in favor of the new “Paint 3D” app, but ultimately overturned its decision. He also tried to remove the classic “Snipping Tool” feature from Windows 7 in favor of “Snip and Sketch”, but then decided to keep both.

If that remains true, the next fall 2020 update for Windows 10 could be significant. There are rumors that Microsoft may bring back the Windows Sets feature and maybe even change the Start menu and other areas of the operating system to better match the design of Windows 10X, a new version of Windows for dual devices. screen.

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