Microsoft is testing moving more options from Control Panel to Settings app

A long-standing problem with modern versions of Windows – like Windows 11 and Windows 10 – is that there are two versions of several important apps. Perhaps the best example is the Settings app and Control Panel. Settings blend in aesthetically with the modern design of Windows, while Control Panel is the go-to destination for power users thanks to its functionality.

However, new tests in beta versions of Windows 11 include expanded settings options that will hopefully help replace Control Panel functionality by moving it into the Settings app.

As spotted by The edge, Microsoft moved some advanced network settings to a new Settings page. These include folder sharing options, printers, and network discovery options. Additionally, some entry points to network and device settings in Windows 11 now send users to the Settings app instead of the Control Panel.

Another change applies to links that previously sent users to the Control Panel to uninstall apps. These now lead to the Settings app. Additionally, options for uninstalling Windows Updates now reside in the Settings app instead of the Control Panel.

However, it remains to be seen whether these changes will prove detrimental to certain use cases. Part of the reason the Control Panel has stuck around for so long is due to legacy and commercial needs. Microsoft needs to strike a balance between moving and updating these settings to modern Windows standards without reducing functionality.

Source: Microsoft Going through: The edge