MSI unveils keyboard with its own switches, first podcast mic

MSI continues to expand its line of gaming equipment, and during CES 2022 the company made a few firsts. It introduces a keyboard with its own custom MSI-branded switches and releases a USB microphone that you can use for streaming or conferencing.

MSI Sonic Red Switches

MSI Sonic Red Switches

(Image credit: MSI)

MSI has been releasing their own keyboards and mice for some time, but the new Vigor GK71 Sonic is the first to feature the company’s Sonic Red Mechanical switches. These linear switches only require 35 grams of force to operate, making them some of the lightest switches on the market.

Kailh, who worked with MSI on the Sonic Switches, also has a 35 gram red switch, although its switch uses a box shape while MSI has a traditional cross-shaped rod. And Gateron makes a 35 gram linear clear switch. However, the Vigor GK71 Sonic is the first mainstream prebuilt keyboard we’ve seen with this light from a linear switch. And, if you like linear switches, having a light one is important because it will allow you to press keys faster with less finger pain.

In addition to its switches, the Vigor K71 Sonic features transparent keys that help shine the RGB lighting, a foam wrist rest, media keys, and a volume / media control dial. The full-size keyboard also features an aircraft-grade aluminum chassis and on-board memory containing three profiles. It will have an MSRP of $ 109 or $ 119 when it launches in February, likely in the US only.

MSI Vigor GK71

(Image credit: MSI)

If you prefer a keyboard that uses less desk space and fits easily in a bag, MSI’s new Vigor GK50 may be for you. The keyless keypad uses low profile white Kailh mechanical switches, which are pleasantly clickable. It also has a detachable USB cable and a travel drawstring bag.

Like its sibling, the GK50 features RGB lighting that integrates with MSI’s Mystic Light ecosystem. It will have an MSRP of $ 84.99 when it launches later this year, but it may only be available in Europe and Asia.

MSI Vigor GK50

(Image credit: MSI)

Immerse the GV60: MSI’s first microphone

MSI Immerse GV60

(Image credit: MSI)

MSI is also entering the microphone business. Its very first micro podcast, the Immerse GV60, has several useful features. It can be set to four modes: stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid or bidirectional and has a 3.5mm jack for real-time monitoring.

The black metal body promises a premium feel, but the aesthetics and tilt of the stand / hinge are extremely familiar as it looks almost identical to the Blue Yeti microphone. The Immerse GV60 connects to your PC via USB-C and comes with a 10ft cord, which MSI says is long enough to make it useful as a boom mic.

The Immerse GV60 will have an MSRP of $ 109 when it launches in the first quarter of this year.