NETGEAR Switches and Interfaces Activate the AV-over-IP Ecosystem

With rugged switches that keep networks running flawlessly, NETGEAR is the backbone of the AV-over-IP ecosystem.

Known worldwide as an IT expert for its cutting-edge solutions, the company has mobilized its considerable resources in the ProAV segment, deploying new switches and interfaces only for AV integrators and refining existing solutions for AV-over- IP. environments.

It’s a marriage of connectivity and user experience that gives IT and AV teams common ground. With more installations adopting AV-over-IP topologies, NETGEAR helps customers make the switch with confidence.

Enabling technology

With its robust testing and compatibility divisions, NETGEAR ensures that switches like its new M4250 series work seamlessly with AV-over-IP terminals and equipment from dozens of vendors.

“Whichever manufacturer you use, it has to go through a network switch, and we are your partner,” said John Henkle, ProAV Product Marketing Manager, NETGEAR.

Bottom Line: A NETGEAR switch is synonymous with compatibility.

The new interface remains simple

With its deep roots in IT, NETGEAR has long been a trusted supplier of switches to the consumer and enterprise segments. But making powerful network switches easy to configure and manage in IP AV systems is a whole different story.

Instead of having users navigate a confusing maze of menus, NETGEAR has created a new interface to dramatically streamline the process. Whether a customer uses SDVOE, NDI, or a mixed list of AV over IP components, it doesn’t matter. Just open the network profiles tab, click on that profile, report the ports you are using, hit “enter” and you’re done.

NETGEAR takes care of all the configuration behind the scenes. This approach takes the guesswork out of it and takes installation time from hours to minutes. Now audiovisual professionals can “focus on the rest of the job,” said Henkel.

“It’s a great way to simplify AV over IP. “

Quick configuration with the M4250 line

NETGEAR’s M4250 AV switch line, launched last year, was on display in Orlando. Among its noteworthy features is the M4250’s AV graphical interface which allows for the fastest possible configuration. “We show you how to set up a switch in minutes,” said Henkle.

As AV integrators move away from straight-through cabling and run video over an IP network, various factors need to be considered, such as layers and multicast. That’s why NETGEAR’s new AV line includes features like NETGEAR IGMP Plus â„¢ for IP video, including audio and control.

Compatibility is the key

NETGEAR also used the InfoComm Projector to demonstrate its commitment to and with AV stakeholders, such as Crestron, AMX, QSC, and other vendors large and small. Community responsiveness is critical to NETGEAR, as AV professionals need to know that their network switch will be compatible and operate reliably, 24/7.

Service issues

Henkle cited NETGEAR’s unique service offerings as another reason the company has attracted a loyal ProAV following: “It’s easy to work with us,” he said. “Our dedicated ProAV team will help you design and configure your network. We make sure it works, of course, for you and the end users.

Joining forces: AV and IT

Integrators and end users alike trust NETGEAR’s reputation for 25 years of IT innovation. “We know what we’re talking about when it comes to IT,” Henkle said.

Giving the AV team access to what they need, while using an IT-approved switch, is a win-win solution that will help every business thrive.

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