Physical control panel enhances flight simulation experience

Like many of us, [pgsanchez] was bitten by the flight simulator bug. It’s a disease that can only be treated, but never cured – and like so many hobbies, it has a tendency to breed more hobbies. professional software developer, [pgsanchez] is also a fan of Arduino and electronics, and his blog post on the PGS-2 Flight Simulator Control Panel demonstrates its beautiful abilities well, just like the video below the break.

A player of Digital combat simulator, he got tired of having to remember awkward key combinations to control the simulator. Piloting a jet, even in a simulator, can require quick thinking tied to quick reflexes, so having a button to press, a switch to flip, or a knob to turn can be vastly superior to the simplest control based on the keyboard.

An Arduino connects the buttons to the computer, and a white acrylic case is used to keep all the flying parts in formation. Yes, a white case — taking great care to allow the case to be backlit. The effect is great, and it looks like the panel would be right at home in the Sukhoi Su-25T it’s designed to control in-game.

We liked the attention to detail in the panel, as even the gear status lights and flap indicators match those of the simulator, a nice touch! What more could we [pgsanchez] to build? We would love to see! If you like flight simulations and the like, you might be interested in this fully 3D printed flight simulation controller.