Portland, Maine switches to Dhyan StreetMan to handle smart streetlights

Dhyan Networks and Technologies announced that the city of Portland, Maine has successfully migrated to StreetMan, Dhyan’s state-of-the-art cloud-based Central Management System (CMS) to manage its smart street lights.

A cloud-based SaaS product, StreetMan is technology independent and vendor independent, with built-in support for several industry standard protocols such as TALQ, OSCP, MQTT, HTTP and communications technologies such as Zigbee, LoRa, NB-IoT, Powerline, cellular, etc. It enables cities and municipalities to manage, monitor and control a variety of smart street assets such as street lights, cameras, access points, charging stations, display panels and IoT sensors.

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StreetMan’s advanced features allowed the city to optimize the distribution of controllers between gateways, resulting in a more reliable RF network and isolating faulty controllers from those with communication problems.

“Dhyan successfully migrated LumInsight, our Echelon Cloud CMS, to their StreetMan CMS without any data loss or disruption. They were able to accomplish this entirely remotely, thousands of miles away, without a single site visit, ”said Jon Jennings, general manager of Portland. “This partnership helps us further achieve our sustainability goals while reducing costs and achieving efficiencies. Our team members can now diagnose issues from their desktop PCs and share this information with our technicians so they are fully prepared to perform necessary repairs in the field.

“Streetlights are one of the biggest expenses for any city,” says Prakash Ramadass, vice president of smart cities in Dhyan. Like StreetMan, savings can be further increased by giving the city the ability to dim streetlights on demand and allow them to perform proactive maintenance.

The Dhyan family of central management software for the IoT market consists of StreetMan for intelligent streetlight management, LightMan for intelligent lighting management of areas such as campuses, buildings and warehouses, and CitiMan for IoT asset management of smart cities.

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