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Seventh Sense Biosystems, (7SBio), developer of a push-button blood collection device, has received CE mark approval from the European Commission for its TAP II blood collection device.

Rick Bente, CEO of 7SBio, said: “We are very pleased to launch TAP II in the European market with CE mark approval. This authorization and the support of our investors paves the way for our innovative blood collection technology to enter the homes of our European customers and to provide easier access to healthcare services. Seventh Sense’s vision to revolutionize the way the world draws blood is now ready for the global stage, and with the COVID-19 pandemic transforming the way healthcare is delivered to consumers, it couldn’t have happened to a better time. “

Seventh Sense has raised over $ 80 million to date in pursuit of this mission and continues to advance its proprietary micro-needle technology used in its CE marked and FDA approved TAP device. The second generation TAP II device increases the volume of blood that can be collected while providing standardized, detachable serum and plasma collection containers that integrate seamlessly into laboratory workflows.

The process is straightforward. A patient places TAP II on their upper arm and presses a button on the device to begin blood collection. The blood collection process only takes two to three minutes. Once collection is complete, the device is returned to a laboratory for analysis.

Chris Moriarty, CEO of Affinity Biomarker Labs, said, “We believe that the simple blood collection process enabled by TAP II will not only help shape telehealth in general, but it will also help ensure public safety during the process. COVID-19 pandemic. As a laboratory providing both direct patient testing and laboratory services for consumer healthcare companies, our patients and customers appreciate the ease and more comfortable experience of using TAP II, as well. that the convenience of safe and efficient blood collection without leaving home.

The current standard of care for blood collection is phlebotomy, which requires medical professionals, large needles, and in-person appointments to collect blood. However, TAP II can be used in place of traditional venipuncture or finger blood collection for many applications in professional and home settings.

With the approval of the CE mark for TAP II, 7SBio’s mission to make blood collection simple, convenient and more comfortable has arrived for European customers.

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