Remote PC power control thwarts push buttons

The ubiquitous connectivity is a mixed blessing at best, especially when it creates the expectation that we’ll always have access to everything we need. When what you need is on your work or home PC, there are plenty of options for accessing files remotely using your phone. But if your roommate or the cleaning crew turns off the machine, you’ve got a problem – unless you have a way to power the machine back on remotely.

[Ahmad Khattab]The hacking of his need to get closer to the motherboard of his PC. Particle photon steals energy from the always-on 3.3 volt line of vacuum Trusted Platform Module connector on his machine. The Photon outputs are connected to the motherboard power switch connection and a smartphone application controls the outputs and turns the machine on and off. As [Ahmad] admits that there are many ways to attack this problem, including Wake-on-LAN. But there is something to be said for the hardware approach, especially when a photon can be bought for $ 20.

Discerning readers will note that we recently covered a very similar project using a particle nucleus. Be sure to check this one out for a bit more detail on using Particle’s cloud and for some ideas on powering the module if your motherboard doesn’t have a TPM port. In the meantime, enjoy [Ahmad]the video of.

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