SIRIUS ACT: Push Button Performance in Action

The Australian food and beverage industry has high demands on cleanliness, robustness and quality. Equipment that does not meet these standards wastes valuable time due to avoidable breakdowns and shutdowns.

This can make it increasingly difficult to produce the ideal product that checks all the compliance boxes.

The new Siemens SIRIUS ACT pushbuttons and signaling devices available from APS Industrial meet all these requirements to form the ultimate family of pushbuttons and signaling devices for food and beverage applications.

At APS Industrial and Siemens, pressing a button is more than just pressing a button – it’s the start of something special! The Siemens SIRIUS ACT range offers a unique range of elegantly designed pushbuttons, indicator lights and switches that perfectly embody style, intelligence and physical toughness.

Their IP69K rating means that functionality is preserved even in the presence of dust or high pressure water. Even oils, caustic solutions and extreme environmental influences typical of food and beverage applications cannot interfere with reliable operation.

The various communication interface options provided by SIRIUS ACT allow simple combinations of pushbuttons and signaling devices, HMI touch screens and industrial PCs, which means that complex input stations can be configured without wiring or significant engineering time and effort. Integration into the TIA Portal also allows them to be displayed visually for better alignment with the hardware, thus simplifying and speeding up hardware configuration.

Easy handling also means easy installation. An innovative snap-in concept makes the task of installing a unit so easy that it can be done with just one hand. And because everything is so simple, SIRIUS ACT further reduces the risk of incorrect installation.

Available exclusively through your local distributor, APS Industrial.