Sirius modular systems for the design of industrial control panels


Siemens, a supplier of automation and digitization to the process and manufacturing industries, and Allied Electronics & Automation (Allied), a high-service distributor of automation and control, electronic, electrical, mechanical and maintenance products for suppliers, team up to help panel builders better design simpler, more flexible and space-saving industrial control cabinets. The Siemens SIRIUS Modular System, now available from Allied, offers a full line of modular industrial control panel components in seven compact standard sizes, including the devices needed to switch, protect, control and monitor motors in the size S00 to S12 (45 mm to 160 mm in width) and powers from 4 to 335 HP (3 to 250 kW).

Key considerations for control cabinet construction include wiring time, saving panel space, and component compliance with national regulations and industry codes. Because the panel can hold motor starters of different sizes, the consistency offered by the manufacturer is important. With SIRIUS, CAx data is available anywhere, and users can rely on comprehensive, standards-compliant configuration support to simplify workflows and accelerate the electrical engineering process.

From circuit breakers and overload relays, to soft starters and contactors, SIRIUS components are compact and designed for quick and easy connection to facilitate maintenance of industrial control panels. The modularity and ease of use of the system also offers engineers significant advantages when designing and building new control cabinets. SIRIUS devices also benefit from over 50,000 combined tests and approvals, making them suitable for global deployment.

“We have given a lot of thought to the modularity of our designs,” says John Burns, head of the application resource center at Siemens. “For example, with the typical comb busbar system, you can have four starters side by side and starter three fails. Usually, to replace it, you have to do a lot of disconnection. With SIRIUS, we have added an easy plug-in module with a backplane that provides contactless three-phase power to the bus bar system, making it quick to assemble, easy to design, and allow it to carry the same rated power as the comb busbar system. If one starter fails, the end user can easily turn off that starter and leave the others energized with this tactile safety design. This can dramatically reduce downtime, as you don’t need to shut down the entire panel.

Allied helps engineers, buyers, maintainers, fleet and facility managers, and inventors build, maintain and renew their machinery and technology and is an authorized distributor of Siemens products. In addition to SIRIUS, Allied offers a full line of Siemens control, switching and protection products for industrial control panel builders, and publishes a guide to control panel components, as well as expert advice on topics ranging from motor switching and protection to industrial control technology.

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