Where are the switches for the House of Reckoning Easter Egg in Halo Infinite?

During the House of Reckoning mission in Halo Infinity, you might notice some weird switches that don’t seem to do anything once you interact with them. After completing the basic Escharum training section, you will arrive in the Advanced Training Room, where you will have to survive against a wave of tougher enemies. Here are all the locations of the switches in the room and what they do.

There are three switches to interact with in the Advanced Training Room. Before exiting the area, you will be in a small control room with a large projection of Escharum speaking to you. Don’t go out yet if you want to make that Easter egg. We couldn’t find a way to get back after the doors closed behind you. Instead, head up the ramp into the room and there’s a switch to interact with on the wall in front of the console.

The other two switches are located high up in the advanced training room and will require you to use your Grapple to reach them. The first is at the top of the white tower.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After activating the previous switch, turn around and you will see the same red glow from another switch above some beams. Pull it out and press it down.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After pressing all three switches, you will spawn in a Rockethog on the ground. That’s all these switches do. The vehicle can be used for combat in this room, but there’s no point if you wait until after to activate it because you can’t take it forward with you.