Windows 11 and the Control Panel, Star Wars Andor trailer, here’s the recap

the Windows 11 wants to trash the control panel, the Star Wars Andor series is entitled to a new trailer and many android smartphone users are turning to the competition. It’s time for the big recap of Monday, August 1, 2022.
Cassian Andor (Diego Luna)

We are in August and the news is necessarily a little calmer than the rest of the year. This does not mean that there is nothing! It’s time for Monday’s balance sheet 1uh August 2022. We have a new trailer for the next Star Wars series, a Windows 11 that continues to evolve, and a stat in favor of Apple in the war against Android.

Andor has the right to a new trailer and a new release date

The next Star Wars series coming to Disney Plus is Andor. She will tell us about the birth of the Rebellion against the Empire through the eyes of Cassian Andor, one of the heroes of Rogue One. This trailer promises a disconcerting series full of action and politics. Note that the series is changing its release date. Originally scheduled for August 31, it is postponed to September 21. Sorry, Disney will offer 3 episodes at once.

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Microsoft wants a control panel skin

The Windows 11 control panel resists, but Microsoft will have its skin. In a future update, it will be possible to uninstall all apps through Windows 11 settings, even Win32 apps. Currently, it is only possible to do this through the control panel. Little by little, Microsoft is therefore removing the “exclusive” features of this good old menu.

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iPhones are increasingly appealing to Android users

More and more Android smartphone users decide to switch to the competition i.e. Apple. It is Tim Cook himself who confirms this during the financial results for the second quarter of 2022. iPhone the market share has indeed increased from 15 to 18% in one quarter. A fine performance, even if the Google OS is still far ahead.

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