Windows 11 takes another step towards the end of the Control Panel

Windows 11 - Open Settings

Microsoft has come a long way to get rid of the Control Panel, which used to be the Windows platform’s user hub. In Windows 11, the company takes a step closer to completely removing the Control Panel.

New changes to Windows 11’s Settings app add new ways to keep users away from Control Panel. In the latest Windows 11 Insider version (22509), the company placed advanced network settings in the Settings app on a dedicated page.

Here you will find options for sharing printers, folders, and network discovery. Links to the Control Panel uninstall option now open in the Settings app, which Microsoft launched on Windows 10 last year.


Users coming from the old days of Windows, the Control Panel was the center of all settings and adjustments on the platform. For newer generations, the Settings app released by Microsoft with Windows 10 has taken over this position.

To evolve

Since then, the Settings app coexists with the Control Panel. Still, there is no doubt about Microsoft’s future.

Microsoft has wanted to do away with the Control Panel and has been ceding functionality to the Settings app for years. However, the company was never able to fully cut the cord. The company is now actively redirecting users from the Control Panel to the Settings app. Specifically, when a Control Panel link is selected, the user will be redirected to the corresponding Settings page.

In its announcement, the company is clear that the changes are part of a “ongoing effort to transfer settings from Control Panel to Settings app.”

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