Wyze reveals light switch that doubles as a control panel for all your smart home gadgets


Turn off the lights, lock the door and run the vacuum – all from a single button


After a few new announcements, Wyze continues its anniversary celebration with another addition to its lineup. Just as we saw with these optional accessories from yesterday, today’s developer is perfect for any lighting in your home, no matter how smart or basic they are.

The new switches from Wyze are available in three packs, designed for any type of permanent light in your home. Whether you’re upgrading traditional light bulbs or the company’s own smart lights, this switch will work and unlock all kinds of sync options with the rest of your gadgets.

The module itself is pretty basic and straightforward, offering a single large button rather than a toggle or slider. A status indicator in the corner of the device is the only other function intended for the user. While its primary use is to turn on the lights in your home, you can add additional devices using multiple taps. For example, one touch can light up your living room, but two taps will lock your doors.

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It’s a good idea, primarily as a replacement for a smart home light switch and control panel. While you can control all of these functions directly from your smartphone, the ability to quickly perform routine action without the need for additional devices is the perfect simplification. Plus, it has all the usual features we’ve come to expect from Wyze, including vacation modes, scheduling, and timers, as well as support for Google Assistant.

This Switch is now up for pre-order in its three-pack configuration for $ 32.99 and starts shipping in December. Individual units will go on sale at a later date.


Unit availability

Wyze has contacted to let us know that a single pack for his new light switch will arrive soon. We have updated our coverage.

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